Recent Testimonials from Speaking Events in April

Pinson Valley High School, Pinson, AL Kristi Nicole Hogeland

Thank you for speaking to Pinson Valley High School. You have definitely made me realize a lot today, and really got to my heart.

Pinson Valley High School, Pinson, AL Jeff Hall- Deputy

I hope everything is good with you. I am the deputy that met you at Pinson High School. I wanted to tell you that they had their prom last night and I truly believe your speech had an impact on these students, I know it did me. Thank you for the opportunity to hear you speak.

Hope & Life, Snellville, GA Singles Conference- Latanga Montgomery

I was at the event in Snellville, GA where you preached about The Meeting Place. The message was truly a blessing. I was fortunate to be able to sit in the front of the room on both days so I could hear and see how passionate you are about God and brining His word to His people. I was truly moved by your story and I am amazed by how you have stayed and kept your focus on God through all of your pain. Again, thank you for continuing to encourage people who have been or are going through hard times. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope that you will visit Hope and Life Fellowship again and you are truly a blessing.

Union Chapel AME Zion, Montgomery, AL Regina Lewis

Hello Mr. Stacy, this is Regina Lewis from Union Chapel and I really want to thank you for your powerful message today on, “The Power of Man” Thank God for using you to tell your testimony to glorify His Name!! My husband, Alphonso was really moved by your speech because he is a God fearing & a praying man!! We will never forget you or your message!! Also, we would like to take the time to give you a special thanks for taking the time to take pictures and for signing our Alabama caps!! My husband is a true Alabama fan which I guess you noticed with his Alabama tie!! He loves to mess with Ron Stallworth when it comes down to Alabama!! We will continue to pray for you, Shelly and your ministry!! God in Three Person, Bless in Trinity!

Pinson Valley High School

Siran spoke to juniors and seniors at our public high school and brought a powerful message about choosing one’s direction in life. His transparency in sharing his own struggles and poor decisions and about the tragedy he endured spoke directly to the issues our students are facing today. We selected him as a speaker to discourage our students not to drink and drive, but he went above and beyond that message. I truly believe his message will impact our students for years to come. Siran is an anointed servant of God, and God is using him mightily.

Susan Goggins

A-Club BBQ


I would just like to say thank you for being a God fearing christian man. At the A club Bar BQ you picked my eight year old son who is a die hard BAMA fan up over the table to take a picture with him which absolutely made his day. At this time we are having some issues with a parent at our school over prayer which has made a huge impact in a negative light on our children.

However, right before you took the picture Konnor witnessed you openly praying with a lady that was pregnant and while many thought nothing of it he was watching.

On the way home he mentioned it and he told his dad ” Hey Dad even real live football players see nothing wrong with prayer.”

Thank you, it has made an impact on his life to simply see someone pray we never know when little eyes are watching do we.

Thank You,

Krisden G

From Greg

what an awesome message you brought to Brewton this weekend at First Baptist Church. I was fortunate to see you at the Wild Game Supper Saturday night and again Sunday morning in church. I cannot phathom what you have gone through since the accident. But the message you speak and the way you bring it is unbelievable. I am a teacher / coach and I often speak of athletes and heroes in the same sentence. While I was a student at Alabama I enjoyed watching you as an athlete and I had the privilege as an adult to hear you speak as a hero. Because you and your daughter Shelly are truly heroes.

Roll Tide and Gob Bless!!!!!!!!

From Kay…………………

The words “Thank You” seem so inadequate that it almost embarrasses me to tell you just “Thank You”. Your message last Wed. night (Feb. 3, 2010) changed many many lives. The youth and adults of Grimes United Methodist Church were truly blessed to have you as our guest. I have heard stories all weekend how hearts were strangely warmed during your testimony. We know that the Holy Spirit was indeed at work on that night at Holy Ground. Your words, though spoken mainly to the youth, were POWERFUL words, and your testimony a POWERFUL testimony, but most POWERFUL of all was your attitude, one filled with love for your fellow man, one filled with the desire to see ALL come to Christ, and one filled with the Holy Spirit. So, THANK YOU!!! You have blessed us all!!!

Siran’s Cullman Visit

“Siran brought a wonderful, passionate message, that was right on target. Following the service, Siran was with our people until 10 o’clock, treating every member as if they were the only person on earth!!!! It was incredible. He truly exhibits the love of Christ in word and in actions. “

Brian W. First Baptist Church: Cullman, AL

Thank You

I have been reading about the tragedy and how you overcame by the blood of the Lamb. Thank for “getting back up” and telling the rest of us about it.
This summer I lost my wife of 45 years. She was a happy Christian in spite of many years of suffering. During the last three months of her life at least two people came to a hope in Christ through her testimony.
Although I am NOT suicidal, after she died I really felt that I had no desire to continue. I still get that feeling. But, after I read your story I felt so unworthy to complain about my loss when yours was so great and so sudden.
The day before she died, I was able to hear my wife whisper her last words to me. She said “I love you.” I am trying to count my blessings and keep on trusting and serving our Lord and your message has helped me very much.
Thank you for all you are doing and for making your story public so it can help so many.

Your unworthy brother in Christ,