Recent Testimonials from Speaking Events in April

Pinson Valley High School, Pinson, AL Kristi Nicole Hogeland

Thank you for speaking to Pinson Valley High School. You have definitely made me realize a lot today, and really got to my heart.

Pinson Valley High School, Pinson, AL Jeff Hall- Deputy

I hope everything is good with you. I am the deputy that met you at Pinson High School. I wanted to tell you that they had their prom last night and I truly believe your speech had an impact on these students, I know it did me. Thank you for the opportunity to hear you speak.

Hope & Life, Snellville, GA Singles Conference- Latanga Montgomery

I was at the event in Snellville, GA where you preached about The Meeting Place. The message was truly a blessing. I was fortunate to be able to sit in the front of the room on both days so I could hear and see how passionate you are about God and brining His word to His people. I was truly moved by your story and I am amazed by how you have stayed and kept your focus on God through all of your pain. Again, thank you for continuing to encourage people who have been or are going through hard times. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope that you will visit Hope and Life Fellowship again and you are truly a blessing.

Union Chapel AME Zion, Montgomery, AL Regina Lewis

Hello Mr. Stacy, this is Regina Lewis from Union Chapel and I really want to thank you for your powerful message today on, “The Power of Man” Thank God for using you to tell your testimony to glorify His Name!! My husband, Alphonso was really moved by your speech because he is a God fearing & a praying man!! We will never forget you or your message!! Also, we would like to take the time to give you a special thanks for taking the time to take pictures and for signing our Alabama caps!! My husband is a true Alabama fan which I guess you noticed with his Alabama tie!! He loves to mess with Ron Stallworth when it comes down to Alabama!! We will continue to pray for you, Shelly and your ministry!! God in Three Person, Bless in Trinity!

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  1. Dear Mr. Stacey,
    Thank you for the Word of God and the word of your personal testimony shared on this past Sunday at Union Chapel AME Zion Church, Montgomery, Alabama, as our Men’s Day speaker. The message God gave you to speak to us, “The Power of Man” was presented under the anointing of God, and both my knowledge of God’s Word and my life have been increased. I thank God everyday for my transformation by grace, and as a Psalmist, I continue to minister in song to share the “Good News” of Jesus’ love and mercy. I also want to acknowledge your beautiful eight year old daughter Shelly. As I greeted her, I was delighted by her pleasant manner and shared with her that I will continue to pray for her, as God use you both in His service. May the nine fruits of God’s Holy Spirit renew and strengthen you both day by day.
    We’re in His hands.

  2. Bro. Stacy

    I was sure glad to hear YOU speak at our church @ Harmony Baptist, in Crystal Springs. So SORRY about YOUR LOSS of YOUR FAMILY!! I know GOD will BLESS U & SHELLY in your MINISTRY !!!! Thank YOU for praying for me about ALL my sickiness. Please keep in touch with me & may GOD BLESS U & SHELLY in YA’LL’S LIFE TO COME !!!!!!!!!


    YOUR Bro. in CHRIST

    John Hobbs

  3. Tonight I heard you speak at the Fairhope Methodist Church. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart. I know it must hurt you to tell that story and relive those memories. Thank you also for your straight forward message. These days everyone is so politically correct, we rarely hear such “tell it like it is” preaching. I believe the world is starving to death for the truth. I know you are doing God’s work and I pray that he continues to lead and sustain you. Buy, the way, little Shelley is a lovely little lady. May God bless you both.

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