Siran Stacy gives emotional sermon on tragedy

OXFORD, Ala. (AP) — Siran Stacy struggled with depression, anger and his own shaken religious faith after his wife and four of his children were killed in a car accident.

Now, the former Alabama running back is urging others to keep the faith whatever the circumstances.

“I could have decided not to come out of it,” Stacy told an overflow crowd at Oxford’s Meadowbrook Baptist Church Sunday. “But I came back. I told the devil to get away, and I came back.”

Stacy, 39, was driving his family home from his mother’s house when a drunk driver crossed an intersection and struck his car on Nov. 19, 2007 near Dothan. The accident also killed 29-year-old Adam Wayman, the other car’s driver.

Stacy and his 3-year-old daughter, Shelly, were seriously injured in the crash.
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  1. Siran You will never know what an impact you gave to my family that were there.The Lord spoke to many,many people.I cannot express how I received such a blessing.I could have sat there all day long.I was the one sitting about two rows back sunday morning the one that shuck your hand and said I was praying for the spirit of the LOrd.Boy did he move in NOrth Glencoe Baptist church.I Thank-you brother what you and the Lord brought to us that morning.But I have got a big favor to ask of you.Would you please pray for my daughter.She has got 2 of the most beautiful girls and are so precious and God sent.She has got a problem and being diagnoised as Bipolar,her dad and step mom does not see this at all.She is on a drug bend right now because these are the days I do not hear from her.I have released her to the Lord completely.But please pray that she will seek help and someone out there they will see she needs help.I live in Gadsden,Al and she lives in South Carolina,Her name is Crystal Mayo.Please help me pray for her soul.I love you through Jesus and will keep you and your ministries in my prayers.

  2. Siran, I did not really know who you were not a big football fan or tv for that matter, but I remember looking on line for something on a accident and I ran across your story and I said oh my gosh how devistating this has been. Then I got an email saying that you were going to be at our church Cross Point and I was like ok, well then I was telling my son and he said yea he played for Alabama, so anyways I looked it up and I do remember reading it. Well I was so blessed to be able to hear your testimony this morning, how wonderful God has been to you and to all of us that have the faith! I pray that he will continue to grow in you so that the world may know thru people like you, there is life after a loss, with God you can have eternal life.
    Thank you for sharing

    Nannette Winters

  3. Where can I start, you truly was an INSPIRATION as well as a MOTIVATOR to me. It takes strong faith and courage to go through what u have beeen through. You are a very strong and sincere godly man, that being said:continue to grow strong and endure in him, cause he has grew so very much inside and out of you. I have been through and dealt with situation with family members as well, but I couldnt even compare or even imagine going through what you have been through,and No MAN SHOULD NOT EVEN YOU you are truly blessed. You are a strong man, and it takes strong faith and courage both of which u acquire as i mentioned above. You are a role model one of whom i look up too. I took everything you said and i will forever contain it within my heart. I will continue to better myself,and take the road not taken, to reach success, and accomplish my goal in life. Continue to stay strong and on your toes, you deserve to, god loves you and he see’s what your dealing with in your life, and he will do what ever u ask of him if its your heart desire. Sincerely, Elishia p.s “your daughter is beautiful”

  4. I thankyou so much because your story really changed my life i love how your love for the glory of god has changed peoples lifes that was so great
    thanks for coming to fbc jackson cause i would not know how much our lives
    can be changed in a split second but i know that god will be with you the whole time if it is meant to happen god will let it happen. i should did here alot of people after you spoke say he is so amazing your love of christ can change people’s lives!
    plz come back again cause i will surly be there you can count on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME BACK AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Siran,
    I just watched you on TBN for the first time. I wished I could have listened to you all night. I cryed and felt your heart. I lost my only son, Michael last year in a car accident, the year before that my ex-husband filed for divorce, and in 2005 I became disabled. The loss of my son was something I never thought I’d be able to get through, and as you know, better than I , it’s a loneley road. I couldn’t have survived without the Word of God. I have been searching for the past year for someone who might understand, who is a Christian and you are the most beautiful example of what the Lord can do through loss and I just want to thank you for your ministry. I will be following your story! May God continue to Bless you and Use you! Your Sister in Christ, Annie

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